Candidate FAQ

We often receive some of the same questions from our candidates. They have been collated below. If you have any suggestion, please let us know.

How do I register with Denza?

Please follow the link here for information.

If I am already registered can I send through a new CV and work examples?

Absolutely! Candidates please email us at including a note about the kind of role sought and current salary expectation.

What does it cost to register with Denza?

There is no charge for prospective or registered candidates.

How do you store and use my personal information and work examples?

At Denza we have a bespoke database created specifically for us. Every candidate has their own personal record where we bring together their CV and work examples, it tracks all our email conversations, matches to opportunities, additional notes from meetings and telephone conversations. We use this information to review a candidate’s suitability for opportunities that come into our office before approaching a candidate. We also use a candidate’s CV and work examples for presenting candidate’s to a client. Please note we never share your information, profile or work with a client without your express permission first.

You can read our full Data Protection and Privacy Policy on our website here.

Why do you need my birthdate?

In truth, we don’t actually need a candidate’s birthdate for anything profile related. But we do use it as a method of checking the identity of a caller in combination with other details to ensure we are only sharing the information with the right person.

We never send any personal details to a client without a candidate’s express permission first. Even candidates who are at the stage of being offered a contract by a client we will double check that it okay for us to pass on a candidate’s email address or details to draw up a contract.

And, we respect the rules put in place to protect our candidates by ensuring candidate are evaluated by clients on experience and skills only. Therefore we do not include photographs on CVs, birth dates, marital status, personal addresses or telephone numbers and the like. Clients have asked for candidate’s ages and even star signs. From us, they will not get this information as it is completely irrelevant to a candidates eligibility to a role.

When will Denza contact me?

We will send out a candidate update about every four to six months. It is our obligation with data protection laws to ensure that information we hold about you is correct and relevant.

We also like to send out a message around Christmas time to inform candidates and clients of our closing time.

Otherwise the only time we will contact candidates is about a specific role that could be of interest, or to inform a candidate we will be visiting their location and would love to meet.

Anybody who contacts candidates via email will be from the Denza team and have a address. Anyone who calls a candidate will identify themselves by name. Our team is listed on our website. If there is a concern that contact has been made by someone posing as a Denza employee, please get in touch with us immediately via or telephone +4402030087898. Anyone on the team can assist.

If a candidate no longer wished to be contacted, they can let us know at any time and we will take the relevant steps to prevent this. Full details are on our Privacy page.

Why haven’t I heard from Denza in a while?

We are very transparent with our candidates. We are a client driven business and the searches we receive from clients mean we will prioritise different candidate profiles first. Clients can be very specific about profiles – experience, skills, visa working ability, languages spoken, previous experience working in certain countries for example – that they are looking for. Therefore we need to deliver profiles to their request. We are very lucky with most of our clients who allow us to work collaboratively with them and trust our expertise when delivering profiles. So sometimes we are able to present profiles who don’t quite fit their description, but we think could be a good match. However for the most part we have to stick to the brief.

It is also very important that candidates keep us up to date with their current situation and work. If we don’t have current work examples, a profile may be passed over by a consultant because the work looks dated. If the last time we spoke to a candidate and the candidate said they were not looking to relocate, the profile may be passed over if we don’t know this has changed. Equally, if a candidate is willing to try different levels of the market, different product groups, this is all relevant. It might even be we are trying to reach a candidate and the email address is not current. If you are reading this, feel free to email us at to make sure we have the most up to date information on file.

Why am I receiving emails about roles that I don’t think are quite right?

We have the policy at Denza of asking first and giving the candidate the choice to say no. Times have really changed and we find candidates are open to broader experiences. Therefore the majority of candidates welcome this approach.

If a candidate does not want to be contacted in this manner, please let us know.

How can I make an appointment for a portfolio review?

Registered candidates should email Candidate profiles will be prioritised if we are working on any roles suitable. We endeavour to update with our candidates regularly. If we are not able to provide an appointment portfolio review immediately we will get back to candidates as quickly as possible. Potential candidate not yet registered, please follow the link here for information.

Who can I speak to about my experiences with Denza?

If a candidate is happy with our service, we welcome them to share this with us. And of course, LinkedIn is another place you can express your positivity.

If a candidate is not happy about the communication they have received, experience at one of our face to face meetings, career or portfolio advice a candidate should feel free to contact the Managing Director Emma Davidson