Interview Advice

Some of this information is obvious, but believe us when we say – we have seen it all.
  • if you are visiting us at Denza, you will be sent a confirmation email with the time, the name of your consultant and our address. We expect you to treat the occasion as a professional interview. Please come dressed appropriately, bringing any relevant portfolio or other materials with you. The difference between this and an interview with a prospective employer however is that we are there not just to assess you on your suitability for our company and our clients, but also answer any questions you may have about what we do, give advice on your interview techniques, CV and portfolio. Come prepared with as many questions as you like.
  • for interviews with prospective employers your consultant will send you a confirmation email with the time, date and location, who you will be meeting, what you are expected to bring, an idea of company culture and what kind of dress might be most appropriate for the interview. Again ask your consultant as many questions as you need to prepare. Your consultant will be happy to give you all the information they have.
 In both cases:
  • read up on the company you are interviewing with, check the company website, look up who you are meeting on LinkedIn or other relevant websites. We encourage you to do this about Denza too. We are very proud of who we are and our company history
  • review the route you need to take to ensure you know where you are going with enough time to get there
  • check that you have the address of the interview location and our contact with you before you set out
  • be on time – do not be late or more than 10 minutes early. If you are early, use the time to compose yourself after arriving before the interview
  • if you are unavoidably running late for an interview we have arranged for you, call your consultant as soon as possible. We will call the client and let them know
  • be diplomatic when talking about former colleagues in an interview. The fashion world is surprisingly small

Why do different fashion recruitment agencies give different advice?

Firstly congratulations for using more than one fashion recruitment agency. Each fashion recruitment agency will have it’s own personality and it’s own clients. The advice we give you on your CV and portfolio may differ drastically to the information from another fashion recruitment agency because we are looking out for different things that our clients respond to or are interested in. Our job is always a delicate balance between nurturing talent and meeting the needs of our clients. Another fashion recruitment agency will have a different client base who will have different requirements. We encourage all candidates to register with more than one quality fashion recruitment agency to maximize your chances in the market for different roles. However it is important you do not allow two agencies put you forward for the same job. The confusion caused by this for the client may cause you to be disqualified for a role.