Kamile Neciunaite

Research Assistant

Kamile has a BA in Fashion Communications and Promotion from Nottingham Trent University. Kamile works across all areas within the office supporting the team with open roles and creating and maintaining new candidate pools. To date, Kamile has worked on Product Development, Production and Product Co-ordination roles building a great pool of candidates in this area.

Part of Kamile’s role is to support all our candidates from any area through the registration and update process, ensuring we have everything we need to make sure a candidate is included in a search for all relevant design or studio based non-design positions.

  • When making a registration enquiry, please read the details on our registration page first. You may find your question is answered there.
  • Candidates wishing to send through new CVs/resumes please keep them as Word files or text based .PDFs
  • Candidates sending through work examples, please keep the images as .JPG or .PDF files less than 10MB

Direct line: +44 (0)2030087906

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